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Printing the QR Code for Connecting to the Projector

You can print a QR code that contains all the required information to connect to a projector.


  • For NFC-equipped models, the administrator does not need to enter the values on the NFC tag.

1Make sure that your smart device and the projector are connected to the same network.

2On the menu of RICOH Smart Device Connector, swipe left or right to select [Settings].

3Tap [QR Code Print].

4Tap [Next].

5Do one of the following:

  • Tap [Read NFC Tag's Data & Print QR Code], and then tap the NFC tag affixed on the projector with the smart device.

  • Tap [Input Data Manually & Print QR Code], and enter the administrator password and IP address/hostname of the projector.

6Tap [Print Settings], and select the MFP or printer to print the QR code.

To print the QR code, your smart device and the MFP or printer must be connected to the same network.

7Specify the paper size, and then print the QR code from the MFP or printer.