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Operation and Settings

Operation Workflow

Registering Devices

Print, Scan, Fax, and Copy Workflow

Projector Operation Workflow

Whiteboard Operation Workflow

Cloud Collaboration Workflow

Mail Operation Workflow

Printing the Clipboard

Printing with RICOH Smart Integration

Inheriting RICOH Smart Device Print&Scan Settings

Inheritable Settings

Inheriting Settings Using the [Settings] Menu

Adjusting the Bluetooth Sensitivity Settings

Printer/Scanner/Fax/Copier Setting Items List

List of Printer Setting Items

List of Scan Setting Items

List of Fax Setting Items

List of Copy Setting Items

Using a Smart Device to Log in to the MFP

Enabling Bluetooth in Quick Card Authentication

Registering a Smart Device in the MFP's User Information

Using a Smart Device to Log in to the MFP

Creating a Shortcut on the Home Screen

Configuring Navigation Display Items

Switching Display/Non-display of Navigation Items

Changing the Navigation Items Order

Registering Frequently Used Settings

Register Locked Print Password

Managing from RICOH Smart Device Connector a File Opened in Another Application

Managing Web Pages from RICOH Smart Device Connector

Viewing Stored Data in a Smart Device

Backing Up and Restoring

The Information that is Backed Up/Restored

Backing Up or Restoring from the [Settings] Menu

Configuring the Usage Status Data Transmission