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Adjusting the Bluetooth Sensitivity Settings

When the Bluetooth connection to the machine is unstable, adjust the Bluetooth signal sensitivity to improve the reception.

1On the menu of RICOH Smart Device Connector, swipe left or right to select [Settings].

2Press [Bluetooth Sensitivity Settings].

3Tap [High].

4Tap [Check Sensitivity], and then place the smart device near the Bluetooth label on the operation panel of the machine while checking the signal strength.

The smart device sounds periodically if a stable connection is established.

If a connection cannot be established properly, set [Bluetooth Sensitivity Settings] to [Highest], and check if the smart device sounds periodically.

5Tap [Quit].


  • The Bluetooth sensitivity differs depending on the device being used.

  • If another device nearby is emitting a strong Bluetooth signal, your smart device may detect the signal from that device and may show its strength.